Why need to repair phone instead of buying new ?

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    Jul 31, 2022

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    Why need to repair phone instead of buying new ?

    In today’s day and age, having a mobile phone is much more than a mere luxury. It has become a necessity. Our lives totally revolve around it and we are glued to this gadget day in and day out. With today’s current trend, upgradation seems to have taken a new spotlight. High-end mobiles have gained stardom where they persuade the customers to upgrade to the latest version of their mobiles thanks to the features and the look and feel of the device.

    On the other hand, it is also necessary to think of the concept of repairing one’s mobile. One of the worst things that could happen to us is our phone getting broken or damaged. Now, in such situations, we get into a dilemma of whether to repair the damaged phone or buy a new one. This article encapsulates some of the reasons why repairing your current phone is far more preferable than switching over to a new model.


    4 Reasons to Go for Repairing a Broken Phone Over Buying a New One

    1. Saves Money and TimeThe topmost reason why your phone can be repaired is, that it saves you an enormous amount of money when compared to getting a new mobile. An average repair can cost you about 0.5% of the price of a new phone. You can use the money that you have saved in useful investments rather than splurging on new market trends, which would in the end result in impulse purchases. Moreover, if you are keen on buying a new phone, it is not an easy decision to come up with the exact model that you would desire to have. It takes ample research to know more about the phone, retrieving the data from the current phone and which in the end, will result in a loss of time. So, repairing your phone saves your time along with money.
    2. Sustainability Assurance – With the climate that we are today in, throwing your old phone ends up as e-waste. There are very minimal chances that it might be recycled which at last results in environmental damage. Additionally, the phones that are manufactured have harmful materials such as mercury, lead, beryllium, and cadmium, which are highly toxic and pose a huge threat to our surroundings. On the other hand, you can contribute to saving the environment by not buying a new phone every year and having your old one repaired.
    3. Warranty to the Rescue – Most service centres offer a warranty for their services. This means that you don’t have to worry about future damages. If the issue still persists, the warranty can be claimed and you can repair your old phone, without being charged for the services.
    4. Data Saving – The data which already exists in the phone will not be erased in case of damage. The repair experts know how to fix the issue and in case of any data loss, the same can be retrieved without any hassle. You don’t have to switch your data to a new phone when you opt for a repair.


    There is probably a mobile service centre nearby no matter where you live in the world. The fact that they are easy to locate is the nicest part. The challenge is deciding which option would provide the finest service and allow you to spend money wisely. All you need to do is locate a reputable service location and go there. You may continue to use your old phone for a very long time without upgrading, and you won’t have to worry about fixing your Google Pixel phones. As simple as 1-2-3, Simply schedule your phone in for repairs, and it will be fixed and returned to you. It was fully recovered in the Google-designated Pixel facility using new components.

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