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    Spare Parts Price

    Parts Description Base Price of spare part Estimated total cost*
    Assy_GHK/PCBA IN(Sub6) 128G,Pixel8Pro 41000.00 49000.00 - 49500.00
    Assy_GHK/PCBA IN(sub6) 256G,Pixel8Pro 48000.00 55000.00 - 56000.00
    Assy_GHK/Display ,Trim PSA,Pixel8Pro 13500.00 18500.00 - 19,000.00
    Assy_GHK/Enclosure Black (IN),Pixel8Pro 12000.00 20,000.00 - 21,000.00
    Assy_GHK/Enclosure White(IN),Pixel8Pro 12000.00 15500.00 - 16000.00
    Assy_GHK/Enclosure Blue(IN),Pixel8Pro 12000.00 15500.00 - 16000.00
    Assy_GHK/Enclosure Light Green(IN),Pixel8Pro 12000.00 15500.00 - 16000.00
    Assy_GHK/Front CAM/ Pre-bend,Pixel8Pro 2000.00 4200.00 - 4700.00
    Assy_GHK/Rear CAM/ Pre-bend,Pixel8Pro 14200.00 18300.00 - 18700.00
    Assy_GHK/Battery,Pixel8Pro 2500.00 4800.00 - 5200.00

    Service Charges

    Description Service Charges
    Inspection Charges (Out-warranty & warranty void) 649.00
    Service Charges (Out warranty repairs) 1357.00
    Handling charges (In-warranty cases) 649.00
    • GST is included in the prices mentioned above.
    • In the event that the customer rejects the quotation, inspection costs must be paid by the customer.
    • *Prices are subject to change without notice. The rates are only indicative (Base price & Estimated total cost) , as stated above , final pricing will be provided once the device has been diagnosed at the repair factory.
    • If the customer agrees the estimation, the booking fees will be deducted from the final estimated amount.
    • The device's final warranty validation is subject to confirmation after physical examination and verification by the Repair Factory.
    • Customer has to pay booking fees prior to confirming their booking, Booking fees are non-refundable.
    • Pick-up and drop-off charges are included in the booking fee as well as inspection fees or handling fees.

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