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    Google Pixel In Warranty Repair Service

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    Google Pixel In-warranty Service


    At repair-my™  , we comprehend the significance of offering dependable and trustworthy services to our clients, particularly on their valuable devices that need in-warranty repairs. Although we do not repair directly or enter into partnerships with brands, what has never changed is our dedication towards customer satisfaction and transparency. As an aggregator service provider, we are able to facilitate repairs at brand-authorised repair factory enabling your device to get the utmost care and expertise during the process of mending it.

    One of the main advantages of our in-warranty deals is that all repairs carried out at the manufacturer’s own facility come with genuine parts and qualified technicians. For us, the authenticity and the quality of parts used in your phone maintain its integrity and performance level. It gives you confidence that only a good component will be put into this system through repairing it. Additionally, we work with brand-authorised repair factories, ensuring that experts handling your gadgets are specifically trained for this model, guaranteeing accurate and efficient fixes.

    Transparency remains at the heart of our business philosophy. We thus frequently update you about ongoing repair works, which helps you track every step we take while delivering our services. This starts when you leave your phone with us.

     In-warranty Service

    Welcome to repair-my™  , your trusted choice for Google Pixel in-warranty repair services. We understand the importance of keeping your Google Pixel device in peak condition, and our dedicated team is here to ensure a seamless repair experience for you.


    Why Choose Us for Your Google Pixel In-Warranty Service?


    Expertise: Google has trained and certified technicians at the authorised repair factory to handle all Pixel models with care and precision. You can trust us to diagnose and resolve any issues covered under your device’s warranty.

    Genuine Parts: Repair Factory uses only genuine Google parts for repairs, maintaining the quality and performance of your Pixel device. Rest assured, your device will be as good as new after the service.

    Efficiency: We understand the value of your time. The streamlined repair process ensures quick turnaround times, so you can get back to using your Pixel without delay.

    Transparency: We believe in transparent processes and clear communication. You can track the status of your device by calling our dedicated WhatsApp Support number, ensuring a hassle-free experience.


    Our Google Pixel In-Warranty Service Process


    Booking: Start by booking your repair on our website. Simply visit and select the booking option for the Google Pixel.

    Device Collection: Once your booking is confirmed, we’ll arrange for the collection of your Pixel device.

    Expert Diagnosis: Technicians will perform a thorough diagnosis of your device to identify the issue covered under warranty at the repair factory.

    Quality Check: We conduct rigorous quality checks before returning your device to ensure everything functions perfectly.

    Return Delivery: Your repaired Pixel device will be safely packaged and delivered back to you, ready to use.


    Trust Repair-my for Your Google Pixel In Warranty Repairs


    • Convenient online booking.
    • Hassle-free doorstep collection and delivery.
    • Repaired at a certified repair factory using only genuine parts for warranty repairs
    • Transparent and clear communication.
    • Quick turnaround times.


    At repair-my™ , we are committed to delivering exceptional repair services for your Google Pixel device. Whether it’s a hardware issue, software glitch, or performance concern covered under warranty, we have the expertise and resources to resolve it efficiently. Book your repair with us today and experience the difference firsthand.


    How long is the warranty for Google Pixel in India?


    Models Warranty (Period) Support
    Pixel 1 1 year Official
    Pixel XL 1 year Official
    Pixel 2 2 years Official
    Pixel 2 XL 2 years Official
    Pixel 3 1 year Official
    Pixel 3XL 1 year Official
    Pixel 3a 1 year Official
    Pixel 3a XL 1 year Official
    Pixel 4a 1 year Official
    Pixel 6a 1 year Official
    Pixel 4 XL None * No official support in India
    Pixel 4a 5G None * No official support in India
    Pixel 5 None * No official support in India
    Pixel 5a 5G None * No official support in India
    Pixel 6 None * No official support in India
    Pixel 6 pro None * No official support in India
    Pixel 7 1 year Official
    Pixel 7 pro 1 year Official
    Pixel 7 a 1 year Official
    Pixel 8 1 year Official
    Pixel 8 Pro 1 year Official

    * Since these models were not launched in India, Google Pixel does not officially support them.

    Pixel 1

    Pixel XL

    Pixel 2

    Pixel 2 XL

    Pixel 3

    Pixel 3 XL

    Pixel 3a

    Pixel 3a XL

    Pixel 4a

    Pixel 4

    Pixel 4XL

    Pixel 4a-5G

    Pixel 5a- 5G

    Pixel 6

    Pixel 6 Pro

    Pixel 6a

    Pixel 7

    Pixel 7 Pro

    Pixel 7a

    Frequently asked questions

    Repair-my is a service aggregator that facilitates Google Pixel phone repairs on behalf of clients from Google Authorised repair factory. Our service includes generating tickets, picking up the goods, coordinating repairs at the factory, providing timely updates to consumers, doing quality checks following repairs, and delivering them to the customer. As a result, we charge for convenience and comfort.
    India-supported models (Pixel1, XL, Pixel 2, 2XL, 3, 3XL, 3a, 3aXL,4a, 6a, 7, 7 Pro, 8 and 8 Pro) which are officially launched in India and the brand gives a 1-year warranty
    The warranty typically covers hardware defects and software issues that are not caused by user negligence or accidental damage.
    Yes, we offer repair services for both in-warranty and out-of-warranty Pixel devices. Then technicians at the Repair Factory can diagnose and repair a wide range of issues.
    The repair duration varies depending on the nature of the issue. We strive to complete all in-warranty repairs promptly to minimise any inconvenience.
    Yes, all repairs conducted under warranty terms come with a warranty on the repaired parts and services provided.

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