Why do you have to repair your google Pixel at Repair-my?

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    Aug 08, 2022

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    Why do you have to repair your google Pixel at Repair-my?

    What is the first thing that you do once you wake up?  As compared to previous decades, at this moment in time, it’s our beloved phone that we choose to see for obvious reasons. So then, think about your Pixel behaving abnormally and getting damaged suddenly. The situation seems daunting because you worry about loss of data and contacting someone in case of an emergency. As much as this is a difficult state, this can be rectified and fixed in no time. We at Repair-my are here to care for your Pixel like your baby and offer the best world-class service out there.

    Why should you choose Repair-my?

    If you are facing issues on your Pixel or your phone is damaged, before buying a new one, remember that your device might be repairable. Here are 5 reasons you should choose Repair-my over any other centres.

    1. Expert Technicians – The topmost reason that you should think of preferring Repair-my centre over all other providers is, that our team of esteemed technicians are trained and well equipped to provide the best support to your Pixel, without taking too much time and money. You can rest assured that your phone is not in the wrong hands.
    1. Excellent Customer Service – We are a customer-centric company, and our world revolves around you. Our centres are dedicated to retrieving your Pixel back to the old form so that you can return to normalcy and not worry about your beloved getting damaged once again. With our expert teams, we only assure you the best so that, your time will not be wasted by running for repairs. Moreover, our support team are working on their toes so that, your queries and issues are left resolved. You can reach us through WhatsApp, Phone, or email for any support or assistance required.
    2. Pick up and Drop Facility – We have saved you the trouble of commuting in this weather and the jam-packed traffic. At Repair-my, we offer you exclusive pickup and drop-off services throughout India. In this case, you need not worry about travelling to get your Pixel back in form.
    3. Original Spare Parts – We are the aggregator service providers for your Google Pixel. All devices are repaired at the Google pixel Authorised repair factory only.  We ensure you that, the spare parts are picked up right from the brand’s factory, ensuring your Pixel gets back to its factory condition. Irrespective of the type of damage, you’ll always get the best service from Repair-my.
    4. Reliable Warranty and Transparency – As a customer, you can enjoy the reliable warranty services that Repair-my provides. You can be guaranteed that all the repairs will be covered by the brand warranty. On the contrary, repairing your phone from unofficial third-party centres may void the warranty and rob you of enjoying free repair services. So, that’s another reason to stay etched to Repair-my service provider, at least if your device is still new. Moreover, if you are situated in any part of the country, and if you would like to track the status of your Pixel phone, we offer you online tracking and periodic updates, so that you are aware of the status of your phone. 

    In a climate of many smartphone repair providers and technicians, choosing the best repairer for your phone can be an arduous task. Due to this, Repair-my is a one-stop destination for all your Pixel problems. With extensive care and diagnosis, it is our promise that your Pixel will be given a rebirth again without any faults at all.

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